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Helight Sleep is a sleep aid device emitting a pure wavelength at 630 nanometers that promotes falling asleep and provides a more restful sleep.

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How does it work?


Helight Sleep emits pure red light at a wavelength of 630 nanometers for 14 minutes and then gradually turns off.


Photosensitive cells behind your eyes pick up this wavelength and ease the melatonin production process.


Your body produces 100% pure, natural melatonin, which signals your body to sleep.

A patented technology inspired by NASA

Inspired by NASA's work on sleep disorders of astronauts orbiting the earth, our patented technology is backed by thousands of studies demonstrating the tangible and natural benefits that light can bring to the human body. Helight Sleep is the first device in the world to finally make this technology accessible in a simple, affordable and 100% safe way.

Modern, practical and designed in Quebec

Simply charge the Helight Sleep with the supplied USB cable, and place it on your nightstand. When turned on, it lights up the entire room for 14 minutes and gradually fades until completely off after 28 minutes.

Video demo with Jérémy Demay

See how Helight Sleep will help you fight insomnia and sleep disorders naturally and effectively, for more restful and energizing sleep.


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The TOP HEALTH PRIZE technology 2022 awarded to HELIGHT.

A jury made up of health experts and doctors successfully tested Helight Sleep and rewarded the universal solution that Helight Sleep offers towards sleep disorders and public health issues related to the unhealthy exposure to blue light.


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Helight Sleep


“ I have it at home, and it works! "

- Jeremy Demay

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Frequently asked questions

Switch off all light sources (lighting, night light, screens, etc.). Place the device in the bedroom so that it illuminates the ceiling, for example on a nightstand. Press the button to turn it on. Close your eyes and get into your usual position. After 14 minutes, the device will start to gradually fade out and will be completely shut down after 28 minutes.

Absolutely, this is actually what we recommend doing if you wake up in the middle of the night. Please note that in general, there are no contraindications to the overall use of Helight Sleep.

The 30 day trial policy applies only to the purchase of Helight Sleep devices made on Helight.ca or at the Helight Center in Montreal. Contact us within 30 days of the date of reception of the device and we will give you the authorization for the return of your device (return at your expense). The device must be undamaged, in the original box with accessories and user manual. A charge of $ 10 applies for each missing accessory. Shipping costs are not refunded.

Many users feel the effects on the first night, others need more time. Please be patient, this is a biological mechanism to which each person responds differently. To measure the benefits of Helight Sleep on you, observe the following effects: ease of falling asleep, better quality of sleep, lower stress level, improvement in energy level upon waking up, mood during the day… This pure red light at 630nm is physiologically beneficial for everyone, especially people who spend a lot of time in front of screens or under artificial lighting with a strong blue component (like LEDs).


Helight Sleep is not a night light, it is specifically designed to work while you are falling asleep. For the rest of the night, sleep experts recommend getting as much darkness as possible. The timing has been set by a sleep doctor to be effective on the vast majority of the population. You may turn it on again if not asleep after 28 minutes.

Yes, because the receptors in your retina that pick up light are extremely sensitive and the eyelid lets this wavelength range pass through the skin: you can close your eyes after turning on the Helight Sleep and let yourself go. The light will gradually shut off. La lumière va s’éteindre progressivement.

The two-year warranty covers manufacturing defects related to parts and labour. The warranty begins on the date of purchase or order.
This warranty is non-transferable. Helight Canada agrees to evaluate the device to determine if a repair or a replacement is necessary. Return of the device for evaluation will be at Helight Canada’s expense within 90 days of the date of purchase but at the customer’s expense after 90 days.

This warranty does not cover the following conditions: exposure to chemicals; electrical variations, self-repair or any misuse going against the user manual warnings. The device must not have been opened. The device must not have been submerged in water. The device must not be damaged.

The Helight Sleep device was developed in collaboration with medical physicist Olivier Caselles Ph.D and with the help of Dr. Claude Gronfier, a physician expert in sleep disorders. It took our team more than 3 years of research and development, a dozen versions of prototypes, as well as a study on more than a hundred participants to arrive to this result: an effective solution to improve the quality of sleep. suitable for the vast majority of the population with unprecedented precision which has earned it a patent and the TOP SANTÉ 2022 award in the technology category.